Wood Apple Low Bitter Seedless


Wood apple looks like small coconuts have a hard Woody white light brown shell with a rough consistency similar to the tree bark. The rind also has a small hole at the top of the fruit where it emits a pungent buttery Aroma often likened to blue cheese it is nearly impossible to determine the rightness of the fruit just by appearance alone. What happens have is complex sweet so and acidic flavour reminiscent of tamarind eggnog resins and sharp cheeses

The pungent fruits are also known by many names as elephant apples monkey fruit etc the fruits are an excellent source of bacteria which is converted into vitamin A in the body helps to improve skin complexion and protect against vision lost the fruit or also a good source of Reebok Lovin calcium iron Phosphorus and contain Vitamin C the fruits have antimicrobial properties to sooth the throat and help heel insect things or bites


Wood apples, botanically classified as Limonia acidissima , are hard-shaped fruits belonging to Rutaceae family. They look like small coconuts have a hard, woody,white-light brown shells with a rough consistency similar to tree bark. when the rind is cracked open, the flesh has a sticky, mealy & creamy consistency. Inside the flesh are edible, crunchy, white seeds & the occasional fibrous string.

The fruits are a very good source of riboflavin,calcium, iron , phosphorous & Vit C. These fruits are typically used fresh or blended into beverages & the shells of the fruit are used  as small bowls or ashtrays.

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1. Drinking wood apple juice has several benefits for the stomach and digestive system.
2.. It helps in curing digestive problems like dysentery and diarrhoea.
3. It is also known to be a good remedy for constipation and helps relieve discomfort.
4. It also has laxative properties.

1. wood apple thrives in a monsoonal or seasonally dry tropical climate.

2. Best adapted to light soils and is tolerant to brought & mild water-logging


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