Water Apple – Red Fruit Plant


Care Instructions :

⛅ This plant requires direct bright sunlight.

💧 In summer thorough water supply is essential, reducing water supply during winter.

🌡️ At a temperature ranging from 25℃ to 35℃ best harvest can be obtained.

🌱 Well-drained fertile soil rich with organic content is required.

👨‍🌾 Using any organic fertilizer boosts productivity.

🚚 Estimated Dispatched Date – 10 to 15 days after order confirmation.


Water Apple Botanically called as Syzygium samarangense is not actually an apple. It is a tropical fruit that grows in south-east Asia, including southern India, Indonesia and Malaysia.The Water Apple tree will grow anywhere from 10 to 30 feet tall (3 to 10 meters)The Water Apple can be eaten fresh, included in salads, or cooked. If it is picked underripe, it can be used for pickles or jelly.When mature, the tree is considered a heavy bearer, high yielding a crop. Wo offer two varieties of water apple. 1. Red and 2. White

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    Bhænu Bædeti

    nicely packed .. plant is good condition

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    Impressed with the packing. Nice plant.

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    hussain seerat

    Fruit good colour and sweet

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    Gnaneswari Jamisetti

    Nice plant i am happy with that plant 👌👌👌👌👌

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    Aruna Manthina

    Plant colour is nice

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    Dhana Lakshmi

    Good for health dont miss go for it.

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    narmada devi

    Nice plant

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1. Boosts immunity: The vitamin C content in the fruit helps boost immunity and in the formation of collagen for the skin to keep looking young.
2. Keeps diabetes in check
3. The dietary fibre in white jamun helps control blood sugar levels while managing weight.

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