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Shimla is a region within the state of Himachal Pradesh which is known worldwide for its variety of apples and has ended the names as the Apple state and the Apple garden of India the Shimla Apple industry attracts thousands of international tourist and local and they come together to visit orchids and pick apples and sample the fruits


Shimla apples income pass many different varieties that range in size from small to large and from round to oblate to conical in shape the skin can be waxy glossy or smooth and with red green yellow or Orange colours the flash depending on the variety can be firm pale yellow to green coloured juicy crunchy or crispy Shimla apples range in flavours from the sweet tooth and can be aromatic or mild in scent

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Shimla apples are a good source of vitamin c dietary filor flavorites and antioxidants these apples are best suited for both RAW and cooked applicants such as roasting poaching and sauteing they can be consumed fresh or can also be baked or used in pies cakes tarts crumbles and bread they can be pressed and made into juices and cider.

Shimla apple trees need full sun at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight

The best soil is moist and well drained with a neutral soil pH of 6.0 to 7.0

Adequate watering is most important

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