Salvia Flowering Plant


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Salvia is a plant that attracts butterflies, and these popular perennials will draw attention to your landscaping. They are a great addition to your garden. They belong to the mint family, usually medium sized and must be planted in early summer. Rich colour of its flowers adds beauty to your landscape.


Salvia plants are known for the rich color of their flowers. They are also valued for the colorful wildlife that they attract to the landscape. They are just one member of a fascinating genus of plants that has something different to offer to growers with a wide variety of tastes. Fast-growing salvia plants are herbaceous perennials. They are in the mint family, medium-sized, and should be planted in the late spring or early summer.

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1. Grow Salvia flowers in an area with full sun, a south-facing location is just right.
2. Salvia needs well-draining soil to be a successful plant, you may beed to add sand to the soil to help it drain.
3. Although they are drought-tolerant perennials once established, a moderate amount of water must be supplied to young plants.
4. Salvias require little or no fertilizer, they’re a very easy going plant in the garden.

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