Rose red Flowering Plant


Rose is the most popular flowering plant that can enhance the look of indoors and outdoors. It is a symbol of balance and has an attractive fragrance. You can get rose in different colors, and each of them would symbolize something. We also offer Rose Singapore.


Roses are the most popular flowers that can be planted indoors or outdoors to enhance the look of any space. It is one of the best flowering plants that are available today and offers year-round flowering. It is also considered as a symbol of balance, and its fragrance usually depends on the variety you picked as well as the climatic conditions. This flower belongs to the genus Rosa, and its family is Rosaceae.
The roses are usually densely packed with petals. A rose is available in many colors like white, red, and pink. White symbolizes peace, pink symbolizes affection and red symbolizes love. We also offer Rose Singapore that is available in orange, yellow, pink, white and red-white colors. The plant can reach a height of up to 30 cm and a spread of about 15 cm. Caring for a rose is easy, and the growth of flowers will give people immense pleasure. Use them in landscapes, arches, or decoration.

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1. Make sure that the plant gets at least 3 to 6 hours of sunlight every day.
2. Add water when the upper two inches of the soil seem dry.
3. Overwatering should be avoided.
4. Watering sessions should be more in summers and fewer in winters.
5. Avoid watering the flowers as it can lead to a fungal infection.

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