Pomegranate – Ganesh Fruit Plant


Care Instructions :

⛅ This is a photophilic species so grows well in full sun exposure areas.

💧 This plant requires 15 to 30 litres of water per day to maintain constant moisture in the soil.

🌡️ This plant grows well in 25℃ to 35℃ temperature.

🌱 Deep loamy or alluvial, well drained soil is highly recommended.

👨‍🌾 Apply any organic fertiliser and requires management.

🚚 Estimated Dispatched Date – 10 to 15 days after order confirmation.


Pomegranate is one of the important fruit crops commercially grown in Maharashtra. The area under this crop is 77,716 hectares with the production of 4.76 lakh tonnes. This is a bushy or a small tree Lythraceae. This fruit is high in dietary fibre, folic acid, Vitamin C & K. The Juice of this fruit is used in flavourings and liqueurs. This fruit has several chambers containing many thin transparent arils of reddish juicy pulp surrounding the seed. We offer two varieties 1. Pomegranate – Bhagava and 2. Pomegranate – Ganesha

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1. Antioxidants. Pomegranates have been eaten throughout history for their health benefits
2. Vitamin C
3. Cancer prevention
4. Alzheimer’s disease protection
5. Digestion Enhancement
6. Anti-inflammatory
7. ArthrIt is Prevention
8. Heart disease Prevention

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