Plumeria pink Flowering Plant


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The thick branches, clustered leave and stunning flowers make this plant an attraction for all. The flowers are perfect for decorative purposes and have a fragrance that’s not easy to forget. Many people use the flowers as an offering to god during worshipping.


Also known as plumerias, frangipani and Hawaiian lei flower, this plant looks gorgeous. They can be grown in containers and placed indoors during autumn months. The leaves of the plant usually cluster and look beautiful. The thick branches also make the plant look strong, sturdy, and beautiful. The key highlight of Champa plant is the stunning flowers that are usually used to make garlands or for decorative purposes. The flowers are very fragrant and bloom easily. These flowers can bloom in different colors. We are offering the most beautiful ones, white, green, and yellow. The large leaves foliage makes these flowers look more beautiful.
This plant can reach a height of 19 inches and a spread of as much as 5 inches. As the plant needs low to moderate level of care, even new growers can go for it. The flowers can be offered to gods during worship.

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1. The plant needs at least one inch of watering each week.
2. More water might be needed when growing it in containers.
3. Pruning is needed from time to time.
4. The plant should be protected in cold weather.
5. Let the plant dry out between waterings.
6. The plant will flourish and thrive in tropical or sub-tropical conditions only.
7. The plant also needs full Sun for blooming properly.

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