Philodendron Oxycardium – Green


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The Philodendron Birkin is characterized by its lush green leaves with white or yellow pinstripes. A unique hybrid, you won’t find this plant in the wild. It is a slow-growing plant that can reach up to 3 feet tall indoors if well cared for.

Philodendron Birkin white is a fast-growing plant and is best suitable for placing near an east or south-facing window. It will, however, survive in lower light and the leaves will turn a darker green. Direct sun or too much light will burn or fade the leaves.


The indoor house plant that has been in trend for generations now, the Philodendron Oxycardium Green can also be called the original superstar of the plant world. Large glossy heart-shaped leaves, flexible trailing vines that can be styled as you wish and easy and quick-growing nature make it a must have.

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It is an excellent air purifier and that’s why it is one of the most popular houseplants. Although it looks like a Money Plant but categorically it is not purely a Money Plant. It is perfect for the top of a showcase, bookshelf or for balc

1. Water your Philodendron when the top 50% of soil is dry.
2. prefers very bright, indirect light. It can survive in medium light conditions, but growth may slow.
3. will grow well in temperatures between 20-26 degrees during the day and above 15 degrees at night.
4. Fertilize using natural fertilizer every other month in the winter.

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