Parijat Flowering Plant


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The flowers of this plant that only bloom at night and fall off when the Sun rises are the key asset of this beauty. In addition to looking stunning, the flowers can also be used for dyeing purposes and have many beneficial medicinal uses. Get one today!


Also known as Parijat, Paarijat, Coral Jasmine, Night Flowering Jasmine, and Paarijaata flower, this plant has a mysterious quality whose mystery is a key reason people get attracted to it. The pretty flowers of this plant bloom at night and drop down from the branches when the Sun rises. As a result, people are left craving for more.

As per folklore, a princess named Parijataka was in love with the Sun and wanted to win its love. But when the Sun rejected her love, she got so depressed that she committed suicide and a tree sprung from her ashes. So, the flowers fall when the Sun rises as they can’t bear the sight of the Sun as it had rejected her.

The flowers can be used for dyeing purposes. The juice of the leaves is also useful as it can help with inflammation, fever, cough, arthritis, cold and sciatica. Mixing the juice with sugar syrup can help with stomach issues of kids. Parijat can also be used for creating face packs that get rid of skin issues. The seeds can be used for helping with skin diseases and constipation. The flowers can also be used in food recipes.

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  1. Treats various types of fever. Parijat is known as a great anti-pyretic. …
  2. Treat arthritic knee pain and sciatica. …
  3. Cures dry cough. …
  4. Anti-allergic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. …
  5. Immunity booster. …
  6. Diabetes Control. …
  7. Nourishment of hairs. …
  8. For the treatment of Malaria.

1. Water the plant regularly but never overwater it.
2. The plant also needs judicious pruning and well-rotted compost.
3. The plant should be put in a shaded area that gets a few hours of sunlight every day.
4. Trim the plant when shoots grow in different directions.

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