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Dendrobium Orchids are the most common form of orchids and come in bright colours which unusually also includes the colour green. They are generally deciduous and drop their leaves in the fall, however, some species hold their leaves all year round and can be kept indoors or outdoors. The best time to plant them is at the beginning of a growing season or after the orchid has finished flowering.

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Dendrobium orchids are easy-to-grow houseplants that can be planted in small pots where their roots are closely packed. They can be kept indoors, but next to a bright window as they need plenty sunlight. They require moist but well-drained soil; hence, they can be watered weekly. The plants generally send up at least one new upright cane each year and it is better to keep the old cane as they store nutrients and water that keep the plant healthy. Old canes can also produce flowers sometimes. The sprays of flowers can remain in bloom for roughly six to eight weeks. Some species bloom along the length of their stems while others only bloom on the top of the stems. In optimal condition, a plant can bloom multiple times in a year. A tiny plant called keikis can also grow from the old plant which can be potted on their own after they develop roots.

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1. Orchid requires special soils which is combination of peat moss, perlite, or fir bark.
2. During the growing season, the plants require moisture, but over-watering can cause the roots to rot.
3. It is preferable to feed the plant with orchid fertilizer in the growing season.

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