Mussandra Flowering Plant


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Mussandra is a cheerful plant that attracts the eyes with different colored blooms. It is an easy to grow plant that adds color to your spaces and make interior decor more appealing or makes the outdoors more colorful!


If you are looking for a beautiful and great looking plant that blooms for many months and makes the entire vicinity cheerful then you can buy the Mussandra plant. It belongs to the Rubiaceae family and looks stunning thanks to attractive red, yellow, creamy white with red color blooms. They also have appealing bracts in white, red, or pink colors that attract the eye.
You can buy and store this plant in the living room or even outdoors. Just make sure that it has ample space to grow right and isn’t surrounded by other plants. You can grow it to be a scrambling climber or prune it to retain its shrub form. It can also stand boldly in a corner and make people’s gaze drift to it.
A few other names for the Mussandra plant are Tropical dogwood, Ashanti blood and Red flag. It is an easy to grow plant that can add color to any space and make it appealing. Buy one if you love colors and need positivity!

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1. Make sure that the soil dries out before you water the plant.
2. Water it regularly but do not overwater it.
3. See to it that the soil is consistently moist.
4. The bract colors show its beauty when you place the plant in sunlight.

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