Marigold orange Flowering Plant


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Used a lot in social or religious events, marigold flowers are a beauty you can’t take your eyes off. The plant has medicinal and herbal uses as well. Use it to enhance your flower beds or place the plant to decorate your houses’ interiors.


The main reason people love this plant is its easy adaptability. It is among the most attractive flowering plants that need minimal maintenance and offers an appealing fragrance. It can be used to enhance the look of the hedges or a flower bed. It can also be used for pot culture purpose. The plant can grow as much as 13 cm. It usually has upright growth and has a medium texture. The botanical name of the plant is Tagetes erecta.

The Marigold flower is used for religious and social events and can be used in garlands as well. Some people also use it as a dye for fabrics or in cosmetic products. The flower can also be used as a medicinal herb and in foods for garnishing purposes. You can use the plant in flower beds or a pot for decorating the house. The flower colors vary from yellow to gold, and from cream to orange and even apricot.

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1. Morning sunlight of 3-6 hours helps the plant to grow nicely.
2. Only water the plant if the 1-2 inches of the upper soil seem dry.
3. Water the plant more in summers and less in winters.
4. Please don’t add water to the flowers or leaves as it can lead to fungus

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