Lemon Variegated Fruit Plant


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Sweet lemons are citrus hybrids with low acid pulp and juice. These plants are not true lemons, but a lemon hybrid or a cross between two other types of lemons. They can be eaten with skin as it is very tender, these fruits may be seedless or may contain very few seeds.

Sweet lemon can be grown in a pot easily, you can get fruits around the year.



An excellent houseplant, Variegated Lemon has all the features that make Lemon trees so desired and more! Small highly fragrant flowers are followed by attractive green and yellow striped fruit that will turn fully yellow when ready to be picked. The juice is sweeter and not as sour as typical lemon juice.


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  1. They prefer full sun,
  2. Well-drained potting mix soil gives maximum yield.
  3. Regular watering is required but not in excess.
  4. Fertilize with a bone meal Phosphorus mix

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