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Lavender plants are very quick-growing. This is a beautiful and an aromatic plant. It likes bright sunlight. After the arrival of your lavender plant growth will vary depending on your environmental conditions such as light, temperature, how often you water, and how often you prune.


Lavender is an easy to grow plant that will reward you with delightful aromatic leaves and blooms. This plant is as beautiful as it is sweet-smelling. It will thrive if placed in an area with bright light to full sun and if the soil is allowed to dry between waterings. In the summer, feel free to take your Lavender outdoors where it can enjoy the bright sunshine and fresh air.

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1. allow the soil to become slightly dry between waterings.
2. lavender should receive as much light as possible for indoor growing
3. Ideal indoor temperatures 15 to 20 degrees
4. Fertilize with all-purpose, water-soluble fertilizer at half strength every four weeks.

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