Jasmin Kagada Flowering Plant


Jasmine plant is ideal for people who like the idea of love and romance. The flowers of this plant are considered very romantic and can be used to express love. The fragrance of these flowers makes them more appealing. The plant has many medicinal uses as well.


Adding a Jasmine plant to your home is a smart move. Primarily associated with love and romance, the flowers of this plant have a unique fragrance that lingers on your mind. Most of the flowers are white in color, but a few might turn out to be yellow. Each flower would have five or six lobes. The shinning leaves of the plant complement the flowers perfectly. The buds of the flowers are usually more fragrant than the flowers, and the flowers usually release their fragrance at night-time.

When buying Jasmine plant, make sure you give it the space it needs as most plants would have bushy shrubs that will climb the vine and are usually not poisonous. As the plant is rich in antioxidants, it can help you to have a healthy digestive system. The essential oil of Jasmine has proven to help people de-stress, improve their mood and help with anxiety.

The plant also represents appreciation, so It is a good gift option. Some people also believe that it can bring good luck. It can also be used in religious and social events as some people say it represents purity. It can also help with hair root strengthening, heart health, liver issues, abdominal pain and boosting energy. Buy jasmine mini from us that fits in any space!

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1. Make sure that the plant gets partial shade or full Sun.
2. The soil should be well-drained.
3. Keep it waterless during fall and slightly dry in spring and winter

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