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Bring some good luck home with Jade Plant. Available in mini and mega sizes, this plant is ideal for any home or office setting. It can be very space-savvy, needs less maintenance, and has flawless flowers that bloom in late winter or early spring.

Special Features:

Jade Plant is a popular good luck charm in Asia thought to activate financial energies.

Jade’s presence in the house or office is considered auspicious.


Also known as a Crassula Ovata, is a beautiful plant that many people believe to be a symbol of good luck. It can be placed in your home or the office. It needs bright light to thrive but can’t tolerate the direct sun for long. It can do well enough in the dry environment of heated homes. It usually flowers in late winter or early spring. To enjoy the flowering, you need to give it a rest period with minimal watering, full darkness at nighttime and no fertilizer.

Available in two sizes, mini and mega, these plants can enhance the look of any home or office. You can show it off with ease if you go for a larger size or go for a smaller one if you like to have a space-savvy plant that looks good and possibly brings luck!

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Plant Type

Air Purifying, Succulent




Balcony, Outdoor

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Thrice (Weekly)


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  1. 5 out of 5

    jaimini devi gandham

    Jade plant is a popular good luck..thought to activate financial energy…⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Improves Indoor Air Quality

Absorbs CO2 at Night.

Brings Good Luck Charm.

Elevates the Level of Humidity.

Medicinal Properties.

Great for Novice Gardeners.

1. No need to put them in large containers or pots as they like to be crowded.
2. Just make sure the plant gets sufficient sunlight as its growth depends on how much they grow.
3. Water it regularly but don’t overdo it.
4. Only water it when the top of the soil is dry to touch.
5. If the jade plant is not getting enough water, it might lose leaves or have leaf spots.

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