Ixora Pink Flowering Plant


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Ixora is a distinctive landscape flowering plant that looks stunning when blooming. It has many medicinal uses, and the green foliage of the plant perfectly complements the flowers. We offer Ixora and Ixora dwarf plants at great prices. Buy it now!


It is a fast-growing and very distinctive landscape flowering plant that enhances the look of any space with ease. People love to gaze at its beauty when It is in full bloom and can hardly take their eyes off it. It belongs to the family Rubiaceae and is native to tropical and subtropical regions across the globe. Some other names of this beautiful plant are Rangan, Indian Jasmine, Viruchi, Ponna, Kheme, Techi, Chann Tanea, Pan, Jarum-Jarum, Jungle Flame, etc.

Ixora can reach a height of 12 inches and has some medicinal properties as well. Some medicinal uses of the blossoms or Ixora range from helping with hypertension, female reproduction to helping with wounds or skin ulcers. They can also help with organ infections, nausea, hiccups, sore throat, asthma, dysentery, TB, etc.

The beauty of the Izora blossoms is enhanced by dark green foliage that’s glossy. The plant is also used in temples in South India and to worship Lord Vishnu. It has also been associated with increasing prosperity and intelligence. We offer Ixora with pink and red-colored flowers also offer Ixora Dwarf in white, yellow, pink, and red-colored flowers.

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1. Keep the plant in full sunlight for a few hours every day.
2. Watering sessions should be increased in summers and reduced in winters.
3. Overwatering can damage the roots or turn the leaves yellow.
4. Pruning might be needed when blooming slows down to boost it again.

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