Insulin plant is a medicinal plant. Its leaves are used for controlling blood sugar levels. It is quite simple to grow an insulin plant with very little effort and can be grown indoors. A rich source of Protein, Iron and antioxidant constituents, this plant is enormously known for its exceptionally fascinating influence on controlling and maintaining the blood sugar level which helps in curing Diabetes, a disease which in the present era is common in adults due to the stress level and workload.


Insulin Plant, an herbaceous plant of Costaceae family is known for its herbal and medicinal properties for curing diabetes. The leaves of this plant are famously known for its therapeutic properties on controlling the blood sugar level. Growing insulin plant is not a complicated task. It can be, with some efforts, grown indoor. Insulin Plant is a native plant of tropical areas around the globe and especially of Asia. The leaves of this plant help in curing diabetes and maintaining the Blood sugar level and cholesterol. You can say goodbye to the side effects of diabetes with a simple green plant. Too good to be true this plant is boon by mother nature.

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Generally insulin plant is known for its quality of controlling blood sugar level but other than this plant has many other medicinal uses. The extract of the plant are useful in treating many types of skin problems. The leaves are used in curing diseases like fever, asthma and even bronchitis.

1. This plant requires Full sun to part shade.
2. Insulin plant can adjust to various textures and quality of soil clay, sandy, loamy, acidic or alkaline
3. Plant blossoms best in temperature ranging from 35°C to 45°C
4. Watering moderately is sufficient.
5. Add any organic fertilizer to double the potential and maximum yield

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