Guava Taiwan Fruit Plant


Care Instructions :

⛅ These plants grow in tropical and subtropical areas and need maximum sunlight.

💧 Drip irrigation is the best method because it requires 15 to 30 liters of water per day.

🌡️ 20°C 28°C temperature is needed.

🌱 To get a good crop yield deep loamy, well-drained friable soils are suitable.

👨‍🌾 Apply any organic fertilizer that requires management.

🚚 Estimated Dispatched Date – 10 to 15 days after order confirmation.


Guava (Psidium guajava) is a tropical fruit that is found most often in tropical and subtropical areas, and is rarely grown in temperate climates. There are different varieties of guava but the “apple guava” is the common form found in most markets around the world. They are roughly the size of apples, or slightly smaller, and some features are more similar to plums in size and shape. Guava helps to protect the immune system, regulate blood pressure and lowers risk of diabetes. It further helps to strengthen the digestive system. Due to the unique and high concentrations of minerals and vitamins, guava can also help increase energy, relax the nerves and decrease the amount of stress hormones in the body. It is one of the best fruits that has low calories with only 38 calories in an average fruit. Given the impressive amount of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients that are found in guava, this low calorie count is what so many people love about this fruit. It can provide energy and the nutrients needed to get through the day, without increasing the amount of calories.

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1. Guava fruits taste better when picked earlier than they fully mature.
2. Fruits are highly nutritious, rich in vitamin C and can be eaten raw, its seeds are edible too.
3. Ripened fruits can be used to make guava ice-cream, juice, jam, chutney, sauce or desserts.

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