Dianella Ensifolia


Suited well for residential and commercial landscapes, the Dianella Ensifolia attracts by its great contrasting foliage. The yellow or striped cream-colored leaves and the presence of blueberry as an ornamental fruit make it more appealing to gardening enthusiasts who love colors.

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Also known as Variegated Dianella, this beauty belongs to the Liliaceae family. The key features are native clumping grass that has blue or yellow flowers and green and white striped strappy leaves. It can be as much as 50 cm tall and 50 cm wide. This option is well suited for residential as well as commercial landscapes. A key attraction point of this beauty is the great contrasting foliage.

The growth rate of the Dianella Ensifolia in moderate and the frost tolerance is medium. If you want to plant more than one of these, you must ensure that there is a gap of 30-50 cm between them. The leaves can often be yellow and striped cream as well. It might also have blueberry as the ornamental fruit.

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1. Make sure that you keep it in a warm low sun or dappled light at max.
2. The soil should be moist for the Dianella Ensifolia to thrive.
3. Avoid direct sun exposure as long as you can.
4. To maintain the moisturization levels of the soil, you must water it regularly.
5. Let the soil dry between watering sessions but don’t let it be too dry, or it might impact the growth and health.

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