Cupressus Macrocarpa


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Perfect for indoors or outdoors, the Cupressus Macrocarpa is an excellent option for plant lovers. The strong lemon scent of this plant makes it unique and the reason most people go for it. Add it to your vicinity and enjoy the fresh scent every day.


Also known as Lemon Cypress or the Gold Crest cultivar, this tree is an attractive indoor or outdoor garden decor option. The trees name Lemon Cypress is based on the fact that it gives off a strong lemon scent every time someone crushes the foliage or brushes against it. It can attain a height as long as 6 feet when planted outdoors and cared for properly. If you want to keep it indoors, you would be wise to keep its length in check. Also, make sure you are careful while touching the needle-like foliage of the tree as it can cause an allergic reaction to people with sensitive skin.

This tree looks charming in any setting and can enhance the appeal of a home or office decor. The fresh lemony scent is an added advantage that would help make a room feel more fragrant. This plant is well suited for sunny and cool areas and can thrive in a small pot or a large container.

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Decoration, Flower, Succulent




Balcony, Ground Floor, Outdoor

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Thrice (Weekly)


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1. Make sure that the tree gets ample sunlight no matter whether you place it indoors or outdoors.
2. During winters, use a UV light to fulfil the lighting requirements of this plant.
3. The soil should always be well-drained for the tree to survive as waterlogging can be deadly for it.
4. Watering should be done when the soil is dry.
5. You should know that more frequent watering in needed for the tree if It is placed indoors than when It is placed outdoors.

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