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The stunningly colored foliage of Coleus makes it an attractive option. Give them ample room as they grow quickly with minimal care. It is a beauty that enhances the drab corners magnificently. Buy it in red, wine, and Red & Green color options.


Available in Red, Wine and Red & Green color options, this plant is a former genus of flowering plants that belong to the Lamiaceae family. The key attraction point of this plant is the stunningly colored foliage that will definitely draw the eyes. The combinations of pink, red, green, yellow, and maroon are easy to look at and appeal to people of all ages. This plant also has a variety of leaf shapes and sizes.
One of the biggest benefits of this plant is that it can add life to the dark and drab-looking corners of your home and garden that you had possibly thought would always look so sad and unappealing. The plant blooms annually and can reach a height of 30 cm and a spread of up to 15 cm. As these plants grow very quickly, give them ample room, and don’t put other plants too close. It is an easy to care plant that needs minimal attention when you grow it in containers.

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1. Compact growth and encourage branching by pinching the tips of the stems.
2. These plants are very susceptible to cold temperatures, so you must make an effort to avoid overwintering.
3. Bright and indirect sunlight or indirect shade is ideal for them.
4. It can grow as a perennial if you remove flower spikes and pinch it back.
5. Water it until the soil turns moist, not soggy.

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