Codiaeum Variegatum


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Transform an ordinary room into a tropical retreat with just one or a couple of Codiaeum Variegatums. Also known as wonder tree, this plant has stunning leaves and helps purify the air. Go for it if you live in a polluted city where a breath of fresh air is rare.


The magnificent foliage of this plant that includes rich autumn colors, this plant is right for improving moods and making a room look good. The leaves of this plant are not just stunning looking, they also help with air purification as well. It is also an evergreen ornamental plant that is getting popularity as an indoor plant.

People add this plant to their homes and office spaces when they want to transform an ordinary room into a tropical retreat. It belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family and has other names like Croton, wonder tree, etc. The leaves can be spotted, striped, marbled, or mottled, and the key color shades are green, orange, yellow, pink to purple and reddish. The growth height of this plant is up to 200 cm, and the leaves can be up to 10 cm wide and 30 cm long.

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1. If the plant gets ideal light and temperature conditions, the leaves would be very bright and glorious.
2. As the plant prefers high humidity, the use of indoor fountains and plant humidifiers might be needed.
3. Watering should be done in such a way that the soil remains moist most of the time. Always use stagnant tap water or filtered rainwater for watering.

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