Bouganvillea red Flowering Plant


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Covering a wall, fence, or a gate with Bouganvillea is a smart idea as it has pretty green foliage and prettier flowers. The plant needs minimal maintenance and can thrive most of the time. It grows very fast so you can cover as much area you want in just a few weeks!


Usually placed to cover a wall, fence, or a large area, Bouganvillea plants enhance the beauty of a space. The key attraction point of this plant is the green foliage that looks good even from a distance. It also has brilliant looking blooms in summer that look appealing too. You can just string the plant over a surface that you want to be covered and make sure that you control its growth. The vine-like thorny shrub can grow rampantly and go out of control if you don’t keep an eye on it.

The plant can be trained to climb trellises, or it can be used as a barrier. Some people also use it as a ground cover. The bright colored tracts of the plant are also impressive. They are special leaves that often contain the flowers of the plant. This plant can grow as much as 91 cm and has a spread of up to 23 cm. Some other names of the plant are Northern Peru, Buganvilla, Papelillo and Bugambilia. We offer the plant in red, pink, yellow and white color options.

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1. For good blooming, make sure the plant gets at least 5 hours of sunlight daily.
2. Do not let the plant dry out between watering sessions.
3. The plant needs more water during warm seasons as compared to cooler seasons.
4. Keep the plant away from frost as it might damage the growth.

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