Banana – Red


Care Instruction :

🌤️ Plant needs full sun but part shade is also required.

💧 Medium level of watering is sufficient.

🌡️ 25℃ to 35℃ is the perfect temperature for the growth of this plant.

🌱 Well-drained fertile soils help in a good field.

👨🏻‍🌾 Fertilize any organic compost weekly during the growing season.

🚚 Estimated Dispatched Date – 10 to 15 days after order confirmation.


Red bananas are smaller in size than a common banana and the peel is a deep red or purple. It has a creamy white to pink flesh, with a slight raspberry-banana flavor. The overall taste is similar to a common yellow banana. They are imported from Costa Rica and are a favorite in Central

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1. Contain Many Important Nutrients. Like yellow bananas, red bananas provide essential nutrients.
2. May Lower Blood Pressure.
3. Support Eye Health.
4. Rich in Antioxidants.
5. May Support Your Immune System.
6. May Improve Digestive Health.
7. Delicious and Easy to Add to Your Diet.

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