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When looking for a low-maintenance houseplant that you would love to tend to, go for Aralias that can be used for dazzling decor ideas. From using the plant to decorate the tables when It is small to use it as a floor plant when it grows bigger, It is an investment that you’ll love for years! We offer the rare Aralia gold ball plant too.


Aralias are a low maintenance houseplant that new gardeners love to tend to. They require little specialized care and are meant for warm and humid rooms. A distinct feature of these plants is rounded, lacy or spinach shaped leaves that can be green, cream, white or gold. The trunks of these plants are woody, thick, and curving, which makes them look exotic and impressive.

When the plant is small, it can be used to decorate the tables, and when it grows, you can use it as a floor plant. Aralias are an easy to care plant as they are resistant to most of the houseplant diseases. Though they don’t flower indoors, you can train them to be bonsai plant. High humidity and medium to bright light allow this plant to grow rapidly and the leaves to be produced quickly. However, the plant can grow in low-light conditions as well. It is advised to move them inside during winters. We sell Aralia gold ball plant that is rare and exquisite. You won’t be able to take your eyes off it!

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Balcony, Outdoor

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Aruna Manthina

    This plant is nice in garden

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1. Only water the plant when half of the soil has dried
2. Overwatering can kill this plant so don’t leave it outside during rainy or snow seasons
3. Prune the leaves to retain the lush leaves of the plant.
4. Dry air exposure can lead to loss of leaves of the plant. Use a humidifier if needed to keep the plant thriving

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