Anthurium red Flowering Plant


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Be bold by adding Anthurium red to your household. The stunning heart-shaped leaves, spathes make it more noticeable, and the tiny flowers add to the beauty further. It is a pretty plant that requires minimal care.


Also known as Tail Flower, Flamingo Flower and Painted Tongue Plant, this beautiful plant belongs to the Araceae family. The main attraction of this plant is the beautiful heart-shaped flowers that are not flowers but waxy leaves that are known as spathes. These beauties in red, pink, white or purple colors flare from the base of the fleshy spike where the tiny flowers grow. If you are looking for a pretty plant for indoor use that needs minimal care, then this can be your go-to option.
These plants can tolerate all levels of indirect light, but good lighting will help in faster growth and many flowers. They cannot tolerate direct light as it can lead to burning of the leaves. These plants can also survive in outdoor areas where there is no direct light. So, you can add them to a shaded patio or balcony while making sure the location is away from direct sunlight.

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1. These plants do not like continually moist soil.
2. Make sure you don’t overwater these plants as it can lead to rotting of roots.
3. Water these plants when the soil is dry to the touch.
4. If It is too dry, It is growth will slow down.

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