Allamanda Creeper purple Flowering Plant


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The flowers are the key attraction of this plant. It is a bushy plant that will draw the eyes easily. We offer two varieties of the plant, Allamanda Hybrid and Allamanda Creeper, both of them are equally stunning. Get yours today!


The beautiful flowers of this plant will attract you to it and make you buy one. The plant can be used for enhancing the beauty of your house’s indoors. It can achieve a height of anywhere between 6 to 12 inches and has many types. Most of the types have beautiful flowers that bloom and look breathtakingly beautiful. The plant is quite bushy so you might want to give It isome space!

We offer two varieties of Allamanda, Allamanda Hybrid and Allamanda Creeper. Both are stunning. You can pick one according to your space and needs. Allamanda Creeper can climb a few meters if there is support available. It is available with pink, purple and yellow flowers while Allamanda Hybrid is available in yellow flowers only.

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1. Make sure that you water the plant regularly as it can dry out.
2. Try to prune it regularly as well so that the overall growth of the plant can be good.
3. The clogging of water can be deadly for the plant so make sure that the excess water drains out after every watering session.
4. The plant will do well in full sunlight or partial shade.
5. You need to feed the plant with fertilizer that will help in blooming in summers. You can give it time to rest in winters.

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