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Ajwain, ajowan, or Trachyspermum ammi also known as ajowan caraway, thymol seeds, bishop’s weed, or carom is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. Both the leaves and the seed like fruit of the plant are consumed by humans. The name “bishop’s weed” also is a common name for other plants


Having a herb garden is another way of bringing nature in your home. This does not requrie much care or cost. Even a window sill is sufficient to grow few herbs and this also helps to solve simple health problems. Growing of ajwain plant is very easy and it has multiple uses. The leaves are very beautiful and attractive in rounded shapes. They grown in bunches and clusters and look similar to money, hence the benefit of rounded leaves of money luck in feng shui. It can be grown by cuttings from the original plant. Many smaller plants emerge from the sides of the original ajwain plant.Needs regular cutting and trimmings to keep a watch at its growth, otherwise it will over take other containers, as roots develop from the stem whereever they come in contact with soil.

This is a herb. Very effective for stomach problems. (Many people make bhajiyas from the leaves and are very tasty). The leaves have beautiful ridges and must try stamp painting with this. Tolerates direct sunlight and grows profusely. needs to be trimmed often. Must begin eating them (have not tried) to keep a check on their growth! The plant has pungent and very strong smell which can be felt even from a distance. The colour of the leaves are bright green and they are feathery on the surface, almost like velvet. Grow best in hanging pots.

This is also considered to be lucky plant in terms of Feng Shui as the leaves are round and any circular shape promotes good chi to enter the place. This promotes goodluck and money luck.

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1. Fight bacteria and fungi. Carom seeds have powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties.
2. Improve cholesterol levels.
3. May lower blood pressure.
4. Combats peptic ulcers and relieves indigestion.
5. May prevent coughing and improve airflow.
6. Has anti-inflammatory effects

Below are detailed care instructions , card will be provided with the plant :
1. This plant requires Bright Sunlight/Indirect bright Light.
2. Well-draining and nutrient-rich in soil.
3. Temperature 20° – 35°C is preferable.
4. Medium level of watering is required.
5. Apply any organic fertilizer.

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