Abiu Fruit Plant (Pouteria caimito)


Care Instructions :

⛅ Grow best in full sun

💧 Regular and abundant watering is essential at a young age. Once the tree gets established, it doesn’t require regular and frequent watering.

🌡️ Amla tree is tough and resistant to exploits of climate.

🌱 Well-drained, loamy to light heavy soil that is deep and rich in organic matter is required for growing amla tree

👨‍🌾 Since you are growing it for yourself, our recommendation is to use only natural fertilizers.

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The Abiu Fruit Live Plant is a tropical tree known for its delicious, custard-like fruit. Native to Central and South America, it features glossy leaves and produces round, sweet fruits with a caramel-pear flavor. Ideal for warm climates, it adds both beauty and unique taste to gardens.

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  1. Edible Fruit: Its sweet, custard-like flesh is a tropical delicacy with caramel-pear-citrus notes.
  2. Ornamental: Glossy leaves enhance gardens, offering tropical elegance.
  3. Cultural Significance: Used in traditions, and rituals, and holds symbolic meaning.
  4. Horticultural Interest: Satisfying challenge for gardeners, producing unique fruit and diversity.

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